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Note: on being a “good wife” in the Gambia.

You must obey your husband. You must keep his secrets. You must bear the pain he inflicts in secrete because that is where the blessings of your children would come from. Remember! A good wife, is a wife that would get beat up by her husband at night, and tell people she fell when asked what happened to her face. A good wife would … Read More Note: on being a “good wife” in the Gambia.


Virginity Testing in the Gambia

Testing a bride for virginity is a part of the culture of many tribes in The Gambia. This test usually involves checking whether the bride bleeds when she has sexual intercourse with her husband for the first time.[1] If she bleeds, she is deemed to be a virgin but if she does not bleed she is deemed to have engaged in pre-marital sex. Women … Read More Virginity Testing in the Gambia